Bondi Baby Boomers – Print

60 x 60
printed on 260gsm semi gloss satin acid free paper

mounted and framed under glass  (82 x 82cm)



Bondi Baby Boomers was commissioned for a family from Wales UK who have been living in Australia for the last 10 years had two children and made many friend here. A tragedy has hit their family back home to which they have reluctantly decided they would like to go home to Wales to be closer to their family.

Their friend, my client had the great idea of doing a painting with all their friends, family, in a location they love very close to where they live. Included in this are their friends, the kids, family and many different places they loved about Bondi. Such a great gift that they have.

This painting has been so well received we have limited edition prints of the original. Prints have been released as of February 2012.