Scarlet & Gold Wheat – Commission

61 x 76 cm
oil on 15oz premium canvas
hand stretched on heavy weight bars

Commissioned 2011


This is one of my most popular designs from my Introspection Collection, which I started back in 2003. The first one went off to New Zealand and I’ve sold many of them since – one is even hung in the foyer of CRC Wheat. The Scarlet & Gold Wheat piece was commissioned for a Christmas present from a man for his sister who had just purchased a house. They had lunch sometime back when my paintings were at Morning Star Estate and his sister commented on my work. They didn’t take down any details, left the venue and when the brother went back to enquire about who the artist was, the staff had changed and no one could help him. He searched for me for six months and finally tracked me down and asked me to do a painting for his sister. She was overwhelmed at his effort and the depth of the surprise was so rewarding. Now that’s a nice brother!